Server.CreateObject Failed on classic .asp page

When navigating to a classic .asp page I got the following error.

Server object error ‘ASP 0177 : 8000401a’
Server.CreateObject Failed/directoryname/filename.asp, line 40

The site was working fine until migrating the application to a new development server so that narrowed the list of suspects down a bit…but where in the vast mess that is Windows Server am I going to be able to fix this?

Turns out that after going back a bit I came across some COM+ documentation and in particular .asp app configuration. Once putting the question together I ran around on Google for a bit and determined that the user (in this case, me) was being denied access to the due to a permissions setting in Component Services…it’s always permissions these days…So here are the steps I took to get this here thing figured out

1) Log onto the web server2) Go into Control Panel -> Administrative Tools ->Component Services

3) Expand Component Services -> Computers -> My computer -> COM+ Applications

4) R-Click on the application giving you the problem and select ‘Properties’

5) Click on the ‘Identity’ tab

6) Under Account -> System Account, if ‘Interactive User’ is selected the the actual user that is logged in may not have sufficient privileges to access the DLL or the file/system that the DLL touches.

7) You can either select ‘Local Service – Built-in service account’ or use a local account that has sufficient privileges.

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