Emptying the trash on Android

I love my Droid…I really do, it does EVERYTHING!

Except make a decent phone call…

The other thing that it doesn’t do well is empty your email’s trash folder when you have over 1000 emails. I know, I know…I need to pay attention to that too but I forget, sometimes. I’m too busy tinkering with all the cool gadgets that have nothing to do with making a phone call.

So I get this message saying my storage is reaching full capacity and I find out that, holy #$%*& my email is taking up 50MB of internal storage…we can’t have that.

But, when I go to delete the emails  by clicking:
Menu ->Delete->Menu->Mark All->Delete(x)

…it looks like it is working but afterwards I can’t find any emails in the Inbox or Sent Mail…nothing! Until I reboot, then everything is back, including the Trash folder I just emptied…???…ok, I try again and again and again…what’s the definition of insanity?!?

Found on good ole’ Google that this is a pretty common annoyance but it seemed that all anyone suggested was to delete the email account or do a factory reset. I wasn’t about to do all that, so I went back to work and found a way to get rid of my Trash emails without too much extra effort…and before I threw the phone in a river.

Went into the Trash folder and on the bottom panel you have 5 icons (Trash, Conversations, VIP Group, Unread, and Attachments). Ignored the ‘Trash’ icon and went right to ‘Conversations’, and selected Menu->Delete->Menu->Mark All-Delete(x)

then went ahead and did the same for the rest of the icons (VIP Group, Unread, and Attachments) one at a time…and finally…Everything deleted and stayed deleted even after a restart plus, I still had all my Inbox, Sent Items, Drafts, etc…still not ideal but better than a factory reset.

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